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Hiroshima is one of the most beautiful and safe cities in Japan with a large international community. The city's population is currently one million and continues to grow steadily. Its main industries include Mazda (The head office and car production factory), Ford Japan, Mitsubishi Heavy industry, and others. www.Hiroshima-Navi

Topographically, the city surrounded by mountains and faces the Setouchi inland sea.  The 2500 nearby small islands are often crowded
with swimmers and surfers during the summer.  During the winter season, you can enjoy skiing in the mountains that border the prefecture. 
There are seven rivers crossing the city, bringing an abundance of wildlife and natural plant habitats, which is why it is often called the "Beautiful Delta."  The city center starts from the Castle and Sogo Department Store. Downtown businesses include five major department stores, banks, hotels, and restaurants.  There are about twelve universities and colleges in the city.  Please visit our four art museums that feature both foreign and Japanese exhibitions.  If you enjoy sports, you can visit the best professional baseball park to see " Carp" in action.  The city also has a professional soccer team called "San Frecce Hiroshim" that consistently plays strongly in the Japan Soccer League.
There are many foreigners living in the city. It is said that over 3000 expatriates live in the city, and Americans live in the Iwakuni U.S. marine base, located 18 km from this city. You can even catch the FEN radio waves from the station. For cultural exchange, there are the International Information Centers in the downtown, near Peace Park. It is a more beautiful and interesting city than you can imagine, and we are confident that you will meet people from all over the world and make friends here. ACE school is located in Hatchobori, the center of the city (ACE;The 6th floor of the second building from left in the above photograph.The building is located at the crossing of Hatchobori)

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ACE English School was founded 30 years ago.
The school is a registered member's language school of JCCI. ACE has the centers in Tokyo, Nagoya,Takamatsu and Hiroshima. ACE runs English and language schools, is an international educational information agent. We have overseas colleges, universities and institutions' up-date data base so that our students are able to use them. We teach and train students plan to study abroad for TOEFL(R), TOEIC(R), IELTS(R). ACE is a registered TOEIC-ip(R) test center, basically uses the standard teaching methods such as the Direct Method, Cambridge Method and TCTF Method. For academic writing evaluation, we introduce ETS Criterion(R) System. Our motto in teaching is "To teach the fun of language for communication" Currently, we have seven staff members including native English teachers. We are a very close-knit, friendly language school. The ratio of our students are 30% adult students, 70% college and high school students.

Job positions are open throughout the year to people with BA, BS, BFA, MA, MBA, university graduate degrees. We provide you with teaching method training when starting this job so that you can challenge the work at ACE smoothly even if you do not have English teaching experience.  All Japanese staffs are very kind, so you do not need to worry about starting life in the city. We provide a working visa sponsorship to full-time teachers. We hope you will consider having an academic and professional experience such as the TOEFL(R) & IELTS(R) instractor at ACE.

Sincerely yours,

Yoshio Taguchi
Executive Director of ACE Group Co.
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